Rachael Hurdman is the Director of Arch inspire Ltd and

founded the business in 2016, she is a Business Coach

and Consultant.

As a business coach and consultant I embrace the challenge facing many businesses and that is managing change through people centred solutions.  I myself have benefitted from working with both a Coach and Consultant and I have seen and experienced first-hand the results and changes that can be achieved.


After working for 18 years within the financial services sector, I decided that I wanted a new challenge so took the step to work independently in May 2016.  Having achieved and learnt so much within the industry, I soon realised that it was simply a change of approach and delivery that was needed. My challenge was to find new ways of using all of the knowledge, experience and skill I had gained to work with different businesses across a variety of sectors.  

Having enjoyed my own journey of continuous learning and personal development and achieving and realising my own goals and ambitions, it became apparent that my new venture should incorporate what I enjoy most and that is coaching, consulting and developing people, both on an individual and team basis. 


The approach I take  is quite different to others, as I use a blend of both consultancy and coaching in much of my work, which coupled with my own work experience is quite unique.  Inspiring people is at the core of everything that I do and this in part helped me to name my business ‘Arch inspire’.  


My last 18 years of experience, spent predominantly within the Financial Services sector have been fantastic as I have been able to  consult and coach at all levels within a variety of businesses and advisory practices.  I have built, led, developed, coached and mentored two market leading teams at both AXA and Aegon, this experience has challenged, continually developed and excited me. However it is the next stage of my career that excites me the most, the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, allowing me to further develop myself and others through the next chapter ...Arch inspire  

My areas of specialism focus on

•  Business and personal growth

•  Leadership and executive coaching and mentoring

•  Leadership, Management and Sales skills training and development

•  Team, Culture and Talent development 

On a more personal note, I live in the Midlands and am married with identical twin boys Alfie and Charlie and our daughter Amy.  
My passions are my family, my friends, my business
and travel.

Rachael’s style is always to find the best outcome; the most collaborative solution for all. Operationally speaking a lot of businesses need to work more like Rachael does rather than competing against each other internally.  I would recommend any business looking for a practically minded consultant or coach to speak to Rachael.  Her experience is built from very strong foundations and she will approach any problem in a practical and pragmatic way.

Chris Hubbard – Head of Platform Implementation – AEGON UK