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Reflections of the journeys
with Arch inspire

The following case studies have been written by two long standing clients that Arch inspire continue to work with.

Case study 1

Rachael, you were referred to us by a client with a brief to improve leadership communication and to provide individual performance coaching to the leadership team.  


From the very beginning I was struck by your professionalism – your brand is to deliver what you promise by the deadline you promise, with absolutely no exceptions.  Additionally, you are really passionate about helping people, and this core value shines through in every interaction, you’re a “Fred” in every sense of the word (what an amazing book, thank you) and going the extra mile and caring is in your DNA.  Another key strength is delivering value and results, which you do in spades.  This is all allied with humility, care and integrity – to the extent that your aim is to make yourself redundant.  


We started with your Coaching Questionnaire – this gave an excellent framework for the journey and I noted that the two key areas I wanted to work on were productivity and influencing (sales).  Through some excellent coaching we then formed a “Creation” document – effectively a blueprint of where I was at and where I wanted to be.  Over time you coached me in specific techniques and habits, all the time encouraging and sometimes listening to excuses as to why I hadn’t done certain things.  Your style is superb – you would always find the real reason something hadn’t been done and another insight or technique or habit would then emerge.  A great example was the framework for a weekly email which captured KPI’s and successes and made every week end on a high no matter how difficult or challenging it had been.  Over time my “reservoir of resilience” has filled up completely and the habits I’ve learned are now part of my DNA.  


By the time Coronavirus hit I was pretty well prepared to mentally frame things in terms of Influence and Control and I decided to focus on what was in my control – reassuring clients, staying in touch, speaking with professional connections, helping colleagues etc etc.  Of course it’s not been a bed of roses but I’m astonished at how well I’ve dealt with it and in fact embraced the challenges of working remotely, client engagement and emerging even stronger from the whole experience.

2O9A0425-2 smll.jpg

Looking back, within 6 months of working with you the seeds had been sown for a life-changing shift in my thinking and habits and I haven’t looked back.  Reflecting on the “final” version of the Creation document most of it has been ticked and achieved.  Some hasn’t, and I’m fine with that – I’ve either chosen not to do something or I know that when I do choose to do it then it will happen, and I guess that’s the best testament to how you’ve helped me.

Rachael, you are an outstanding human-being and I cannot thank you enough for the way you helped me to choose, design and deliver how I wanted to be in the world.  I cannot recommend you highly enough not just to business owners and leaders but to anyone who would like to engineer fundamental, habitual and life-changing results.

David - Private Coaching Client

So, what has been the impact of working with Arch inspire?

Case study 2

Case study 2

2O9A9915 smll.jpg

Rachael is an experienced Myers Briggs (MBTI)  practitioner. She facilitated a MBTI programme for our business which was part of an overall training and development plan specifically for our Senior Leadership Team.


The objective was to improve the effectiveness of the SLT working together in order to lead and manage the objectives of the business. The MBTI programme and the experience that Rachael brings as a facilitator gives understanding of each individuals types and preferences and likely behaviour given a set of circumstances. Importantly it helps identify the gaps in decision making and areas that might not have previously been considered.


Her delivery of the programme developed the teams cohesion, planning and decision making and the overall dynamic of the team.  I would highly recommend Rachael to any business who is wanting to develop and improve their outcomes and results.


Helen Lindo - Director RU Group

What Our Clients Say
ArchAsset 8quote copy.png

Working with Rachael has been such an incredibly invaluable experience. Having recently moved to London, I wanted to use the opportunity to both re-evaluate and reinvigorate my career. I can confidently say that Rachael exceeded my expectations at every level. After working together for less than a month I already have clarity and confidence in my direction and tangible next steps. Rachael is a brilliant listener, super organised, and just so good at her work.

Renée Melton-Klein

Culture Consultant

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