At Arch inspire we work with our clients to support them to achieve long-lasting business and personal success through our bespoke coaching solutions.

We work with our clients to fully explore their needs, motivations and ambitions.  We listen and question to understand and explore their current situation, the options available to them, uncover what is holding them back and help them identify the path to move forward, take action and achieve. 

Initial discovery session

We work closely with you during this initial discussion to understand and clarify exactly what your requirements are from a business and personal perspective.  


We will ask a number of questions during this discussion to help you pin-point exactly what you want to achieve, how and by when and identify precisely what is holding you back.  We use our Arch inspire coaching needs tool in this session to support this process.


Crucially we use this session to ensure a ‘match’ and shared synergy for ‘coach’ and ‘client’ to work with each other – this is the most important step as it ensures that you feel confident, comfortable and empowered to create a relationship of trust at outset.           


Following this session we put together a tailored package of coaching support for you, capturing the areas covered and desired goals and objectives that you want to focus on to achieve.   We will present this proposal to you, for your review and agreement and then agree next steps.

Other areas where Arch inspire can support your business:

Myers Briggs practitioner

Step I and Step II Practitioner accreditation

(The Myers Briggs type indicator assessment has helped millions of people worldwide gain insights about themselves and others they interact with. It can help improve communication and develop relationships across business and teams. For more information please contact us).



Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Group and individuals basis

Group coaching

Please visit our Portfolio page to read more about the impact and results our approach has in the above areas.
The below captures an example coaching session to help you visualise the process.  We typically follow the GROW model of coaching.

1. Session objectives clarified / contract agreed for session

2. Objective one explored and clarified precisely  

3. Reflection of exploration and options/approached explored

4. Commitment and actions

5. Objective ‘one’ summarised
(Steps 1,2,3,4)

6. Close and progress to Objective 2 (repeat)

7. Review/feedback agreement for next session

Rachael is an outstanding coach and mentor to teams and clients, able to bring objectivity and focus to business and personal development issues.  

Gary Thomson – Managing Director – Finica Consulting Ltd