At Arch inspire we work with businesses to help them identify and implement the changes they need to make, addressing the burning issues and exploring opportunities for growth.


Our approach ensures that people are at the heart of your decision making and play a key role in implementing plans.  This is crucial with any business change and the consequence of failing to do so can be false starts, lack of buy-in, demotivated and stressed individuals and unhappy customers.


Initial consultation session


We work closely with you during this initial session to understand and clarify exactly what your needs and requirements from a business and personal perspective are.  


We will ask a number of questions during this discussion to help you pin-point exactly what you want to achieve, how and by when and what is holding you back.  We use our business consulting diagnosis tool in this session to support this process.


A key aspect of this session and the overall success of the programme is to ensure that the 'consultant' and 'client' have a shared synergy and are compatible, encouraging openness and trust from the outset.


With many of the clients we work with we use a blended approach of consultancy and coaching to achieve results. Once we have carried out the initial consultation we will ensure we tailor a bespoke package to ensure the best approach for your requirements.

Other areas where Arch inspire can support your business:

  • Facilitation

  • Project Management

  • Performance Management

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Training & Development

Specific areas we support our clients with…

1. Creating the vision, mission and overall strategy to grow and evolve your business and ensure you have achievable and reviewable plans in place that all buy into, believe and act on.


2. Leading and developing your teams to ensure they are continually, developed, challenged and supported and are fully engaged with their role and the business. We focus specifically on attitude, motivation and developing the required skills to perform successfully (this area can take the form of structured coaching programmes, day events, workshops and tailored people development programmes).

3. Reviewing your business and process efficiencies to ensure you are continually enhancing and improving your customers experience at every touch point and crucially helping you review fully the productivity of your business.

Rachael has excellent consultative skills, having the ability to not only ask the right type of question at the right time but to take the answer and develop further resulting in solutions that enhance the desired outcome.  Her ability to influence at all levels of the business is noteworthy and her opinion is always sought.  

Bruce Walker – Divisional Director – National Regulatory Services