The GROW model is a simple and effective coaching model that can be used for both business and private coaching. The process is used for goal setting and problem solving and was developed in the UK. The GROW model was created by Alexander Graham and developed by Sir John Whitmore.


GROW is an acronym and the initials are represented as follows:


G representing your goal,

R representing your reality,

O representing your options and

W representing your will/way forward.


During a coaching programme you will work through these stages. 


As a coach, a high level of awareness and perceptiveness is key, this skill enables us to listen with complete clarity of mind and then question, explore and challenge respectfully.  In turn this inspires our clients to achieve a much greater level of self-awareness and understanding when focusing on what they want to achieve, where they currently are, exploring fully the options they have (many of which they may not have yet uncovered) and their level of commitment to take action and move forward.

Rachael’s high emotional intelligence guided us through our coaching session and empowered me to identify my goals, strengths and ambitions. Through working with her I regained my confidence and resilience. Her approach is challenging and thought-provoking however supportive and motivating at the same time.  

Agnieszka Scott – Private Coaching Client