October 23, 2020

Happy Friday!

I've been reflecting this week on the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the small things we achieve, which actually make a difference.

I have worked with clients just this week on helping them to reset and reframe what they want to focus on and achieve over the coming weeks and months. Whilst I am all for goals (all who know me will testify to this!) at present it can be hard to look at our longer term goals and targets we may have set given the changing landscape and uncertainty we may be experiencing.  

Whilst we should not lose sight or focus of our goals, breaking them down can help us stay motivated, energised and encourage us to mark the achievements we are making along the way. Acknowledging and celebrating these little wins can help us focus on what we are achieving as opposed to what we are not. All too often we focus on what we still have...

Happy Friday, 

I love this quote from Patrick Lencioni.....

Whilst as Leaders it is crucial we support and reassure others, some of the best Leaders I know are also not afraid to show vulnerability and a willingness to openly share the areas they need help with. 

One of the best Leaders I have ever worked with lived by the sentiment of this quote daily. As a result I trusted, admired, respected and believed in him and still do to this day - he’s my mentor. 

Something to think about....

How as Leaders can we be more authentic and honest with ourselves and others?

I highly recommend Patrick Lencioni's book - 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. I attended a brilliant webinar earlier this week with The Fruitful Toolbox. DiSC & Five Behaviours official Wiley Partner UK - 'Unleash the Power of Teamwork'. It was based on the five behaviours model and the five behaviours personal development...

October 9, 2020

Happy Friday folks,  

A reminder this week of taking the time to appreciate others' hilltops at this time, by this I mean appreciating that all of us react and respond differently to events we face. Our opinion and approach may be right for us but that doesn't make it right for all. 

Over the last 6 months I've been supporting clients to navigate through this challenging time - whether that be managing their own mindset and direction of travel or helping leaders and managers support and engage their teams virtually. 

One area I am working in focuses on helping Leaders to open up dialogue with team members to go beyond the 'How are you?'.....'Fine thanks' track.  

Helping Leaders develop their coaching skills enables deeper discussions that help team members feel supported, listened to and crucially more empowered. 

If you'd like to find out more about my individual...

Happy Friday folks, 

A quick one this week about the little things which make a big difference.  I received this in the post yesterday. I ordered this as it symbolises this year for me so far and I think it's beautiful.   

I saw this small business recommended on instagram by a high profile individual and I loved the design.  Kelly the owner sent me this personal card too - I know how in demand her work is now and how busy she is yet she still finds the time to write a personal note to all her customers.  Her service is second to none and writing a little card makes a big difference.  it makes me feel valued and important as a customer. 

Something to make us think - How are we looking after and making our customers and clients feel special right now? The little things don't need to cost anything but really help us want to recommend and ref...

September 25, 2020

A little reminder on the importance of exploring, identifying and realising our values. This is a key focus in the work I do with clients and links to understanding our own 'WHY' and 'SO WHAT'. The recent 'Start with Why' workshop I attended has really brought this to the fore for me this week. 

Values are fundamental beliefs that guide and drive your attitudes, actions and behaviours. Investing time to realise or remind yourself of your values is a core part of understanding why you want to achieve a goal, make a change or do something new.

My core 3 values are


When I live by these I feel content, happy and authentic. When I don't or if someone challenges them it can feel very uncomfortable.

Take 15 minutes and write a list of your values (the things you live by that guide you and drive how behave). If you are not too sure where to start, get...

September 18, 2020

Happy Friday folks, 

It’s a challenging time in the world and we are all experiencing it differently. 

If you've recently been made redundant or furloughed and we've worked together in the past, had a coffee, lunch or a chat, please feel free to get in touch and let me know how I can help.

- Can I put you in touch with a contact of mine?
- Can I write a LinkedIn recommendation for you?
- Do you need a pick-me-up conversation?
- Do you want guidance on your next steps?
- Do you want help to discover what's truly important for you in your next move? 

A wonderful coach I know Samantha Clarke has offered the above support and encouraged others to do the same. I also encourage others to consider if they can give back in this way.  

We are a community and in line with my 'WHY' of inspiring and helping others, this helps me give back and also makes me feel good too....

Happy Friday folks,

This week I've been reflecting on the activities that helped myself and others during the national lockdown. I've spoken to many people (professionally and personally) this week who are feeling a little low, de-motivated and flat given the new restrictions in place to help us all navigate this virus as Autumn and Winter approaches.

Here is a little exercise to help....

I originally shared this in April and I've updated it this week - it is still so relevant and it's helped re-set me at points this week.

Scroll back through your pictures over the last 2 months and think about 4 things that lift you and help you, the more you see of one activity the more likely it will be something you feel positively towards. Create these pictures into one image and print if you can or keep in a place that you will see often during the day. Otherwise save it as a screen-saver on you...

September 4, 2020

Happy Friday!

I love this quote - it says it all really and links to the importance of authentic and values focused Leadership.

I've signed up to Simon Sinek's - 'Start with WHY' workshop next week. It's really worth taking a look at his website as there are some brilliant on-line workshops ran by master trainers. Some of these workshops are also pay what you can.  

Visit www.simonsinek.com and click on live on-line classes to find out more. 

I encourage and challenge others to listen more (not to hear more but to listen more) regularly within my work - now more than ever it's crucial as leaders, managers, partners, parents, carers, guardians and as humans we listen to each other. 

We hear with our ears, we listen with our brains and our hearts.  

There are many reasons why we find this hard at times - we don't have time, we know the answer, we have the solution, we find it hard to concentrate, we can't focus, we don't agree, we don't care enough...... 

As a Coach and Consultant I have to be a strong listener - it goes with the territory.  This doesn't mean I'm perfect at it, I still have to work hard at it and will often reflect on discussions and think what could I have done better and how can be a better listener in the future.

Next time someone...


Recommend this article for perspective and simple yet powerful take-aways. It’s well worth a read and links so closely to my coaching work with clients on exercising their ‘circle of control’ 

“The secret to being happy in an uncontrollable world is to let go of what you can’t control and to focus your energy on what you can control. That is why cultivating happiness from within is the way to live a truly joyful life and that is why focusing on helping others is the way to impact the world around you”. 

Thank you for sharing this Nora Stolz 

I’m now off for a run to appreciate nature, a great running pal, fresh air, the ability to exercise and clear my mind. 

Have a great day. 

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