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Build Balance

Happy Friday,

I wanted to share a quick tool today that has helped my clients over the last few months.

Balance is all about having the right amount - not too much and not too little to help us achieve evenness and harmony. Over the last few months I have focused a lot of my Friday blogs on boundaries and challenging ourselves to build them, retain them and respect them.

I have shared the following simple technique with some of my clients to help them prioritise and bring a sense of balance to their work and their life.

⭐️ 1) For those who have a 'To-do' list whether it is written down in a notebook or on-line, create two columns side by side titled WORK and PERSONAL.

⭐️ 2) List your To Do's on each side and work to add as many in each column.

(Just seeing them visually side by side shows that they are both important).

⭐️ 3) Challenge yourself daily to tick off your Personal To Do's along side the Work To Do's you tick off. (I personally have a minimum rule of 3 to complete daily for my Personal, others do a 1 for 1 - work out what works for you without causing pressure on yourself).

⭐️ 4) If you work by assigning time-scales against each To Do - do this for both columns.

⭐️ 5) Run this for a week and see what happens! My clients have continued it and have testified that it works and has really helped them regain balance and benefited their ability to prioritise..

Given it's the run up to Christmas, more often than not our Personal lists will be longer so it's a good time to trial this!

For years and years I prioritised my Work To Do's above my Personal To Do's and was left at the end of the week having accomplished very little for myself. I went into my weekends still working and overwhelmed before I had even started Saturday morning. It also meant I failed to prioritise myself, my friends, my family and my home. Ultimately it led to feelings of resentment and frustration which resulted in stress and burnout. A brilliant Coach 10 years ago helped me truly realise that balance was not something to stumble across it was something I needed and wanted to create.

Have a super weekend ahead!


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