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Courage and Conviction

Happy Friday,

I love this quote on this little note book I have.

My daughter and I were talking about school and careers last night and the choices I made between my GCSE’s and my A-Levels. One of my choices was a Psychology A-Level, which turned out to be a great decision for me both professionally and personally years later. I loved the A-Level, I loved my teacher and I loved the learning.

I was also pressured at the time to do a German A-Level as I’d done very well in the German GCSE. Whilst I’d enjoyed the GCSE deep down I disliked the thought of the A-Level and looking back I wish I’d had the courage and confidence to challenge the advice and the strong steer I’d been given. I wish I’d taken English - a subject that I’d loved and was pretty good at. Back then, there was a lot of pressure to take the subjects you’d achieved the best grades in regardless of the passion and enjoyment or the love of the subject in my view. I was told I may struggle with the students that achieved the A* GCSE which I hadn’t - even though I’d got a pretty good grade.

I’m determined that I’ll help my children navigate their choices and decisions and have the confidence and conviction to make decisions based on what they are passionate about, what they love and as a result what they are pretty good at. I’m a firm believer that if you find something you are truly passionate about, you’ll excel and succeed at it. This carries through to my work when helping clients realise their potential, uncover their passions and develop the confidence to achieve what they want.

On the plus I can order a coffee and croissant in German, ask where the bus station is, direct you to the cinema (as well as being able to translate ‘Der Verdacht’ - a German detective novel) 😉

Last day of Y7 exams today! Now breathe….

Have a super weekend ahead.


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