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Growing and Developing our Confidence - Confidence Tip 4

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this simple and impactful 4 minute TED talk with you. A great reminder for all of us to consider how we can grow and develop our confidence – this is also a brilliant video to share with growing children. Grab a coffee, watch, reflect and share it with others. In summary, Amy Adkins focuses on:

*What confidence is and the link to self-esteem

*Where confidence comes from

*The impact of our personal choices and

*How we turn these choices into action to build our confidence The 3 tips discussed, which I help many of my clients with are:

1 - Picturing and visualising your success

2 - Believing in your ability to improve – adopting a growth mind-set to realise your potential

3 - Embracing failure - (those who fail and keep trying are better equipped to respond to challenges or set-backs in a constructive way and learn a huge amount along the way). Being 'KIND TO YOURSELF' is also key!

If you’d like to explore the above tips further, get in touch and I'd love to help.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.


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