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Never stop learning!

Happy Friday!

For many years I had the privilege to work with a great leader who promoted the following every single day - 'Develop yourself in order to develop others'. This is central to the work I do with clients as well as realising that we have to invest in ourselves in order to invest in others.

I wrote an article a few years ago now ‘Invest in You’

In the article I challenged the reader to ask themselves the following…

💡Who inspires you most in your life and why?

💡How could developing a new skill support you personally and professionally?

💡If money/time was no object how would you choose to develop yourself?

💡What do you keep putting off that you really want to do?

You may want to take some time today to complete these questions yourself.

As a Coach and Consultant it’s crucial that I continue to develop myself so I can be the best I can be for my clients. I asked myself these same questions at the start of 2022 - the result is that since January of this year I've joined a coaching and development supervision group with a group of super talented and amazing coaches and development specialists, I’ve benefited hugely so far from this group and I hope I’ve also given back to the group.

I’ve also recently been accepted onto the Positive Intelligence Grant Programme where I’ll be working with a world-wide community of coaches and closely alongside two incredibly talented coaches to develop our mental fitness.

It’s all too common when we are ‘too busy’ to push to one side our own development and growth however it’s crucial for our own well-being personally and professionally.

Take some time today to consider how you can invest in you...

Have a super Easter break and I’ll see you in 2 weeks – I’m off to invest in my family now!


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