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Happy Friday!

After a 1am to bed, I’m a little sleepy today!

However I wanted to share a few reflections about the magical evening my daughter and I experienced last night. We were fortunate to get tickets in the ballot for the Common Wealth Games Opening Ceremony at the Alexander Stadium last night. I cannot really put into words the experience so I will use my daughters words instead…

‘This is the best night of my life’

Whilst I am not a Brummie born and bred, I could not be more prouder to live in the West Midlands and to be part of the magic that was last night. For me it represented ambition, opportunity, community, talent, determination, creativity, diversity, inclusion, kindness and most importantly love. Quite simply it was breath-taking. I cannot wait for the next 10 days of games.

Well done Birmingham for showing the world what a truly fantastic city you are – I am so glad I moved here 15 years ago! The feeling of pride really is a great emotion to feel.


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