Clarity - Tip 5

This weeks tip takes 4 minutes 16 seconds to watch and it's worth it! Nir Eyal - 5 tips to distraction proof your mind. His book is awesome. Here's my summary below. 1) Plan your day (if you don’t someone else will). The principle of dedicated diary or time-boxing helps you achieve your required outcomes. Blocking out an 'admin day' with no prioritised order of what you want to achieve can lead to lack of focus and many items on your list still being there at the end of the day. Start with the input and work out the time you have to acheive what you need to. 2) Check emails in set blocks throughout the day, not all day - disable notifications when you need to focus. 3) 'Surf the urge' – notice and accept feelings and sensations when you have the urge to check email/the phone allowing them to rise and then pass whilst you are focused on a task. Challenge yourself - 'Does this message need a response now?' 4) Be aware of 'liminal moments' – transitioning from one task to another (walking to a meeting and checking and e-mail can often distract you meaning you lose focus for the tasks you're about to face). 5) Believe you have the power to control your technology as opposed the technology controlling you.

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