What gets you through Lockdown?

Happy Friday folks,

This week I've been reflecting on things that are helping myself and others during the lockdown - things we do which energise, motivate and help us. The image above reflects mine for me.

It's a great little exercise to do to remind yourself what helps you through the day.

*Scroll back through your pictures over the last 5 weeks and think about 4 things that lift you and help you, the more you see of one activity the more likely it will be something you feel positively towards. Create these pictures into one image and print if you can - keep it in a place that you will see often during the day. If you don't have a printer save it as your phone screen saver - let's face it, you'll view it a fair few times a day!

1) Giving - I know during this time that the most powerful thing we can all do is to give. Look at what the NHS and frontline workers are doing for us. In my view consumers and clients will truly remember those that gave, listened, kept in touch and reached out during this time. Giving my time to others, sharing my coaching/consutling tools and techniques is key for me during business as usual, it's more important than ever for me at the moment.

2) Writing - This helps me on so many fronts. Emptying my head of the thoughts, worries and uncertainty makes me feel better. Blogging helps me feel that I am giving something back to help others. When I write it helps de-clutter, gain perspective and at times aids the creation of something I can share with others.

3) Family and friends - the most important people in my life basically. Whilst I feel pretty frustrated at times that I cannot work in the way I'd like to, I know I am helping my children stay safe, stay happy and learn a little at the same time, I also know I am helping friends and family by listening, bringing appropriate humour in at times (I even organised a virtual BINGO game this week to celebrate a friends birthday) and by being there.

4) Exercise - when I come back from a run I feel so much better, it's not about speed or distance at all. I am no where near as fit as I was 12 months ago preparing for London but when I get out there and do it, the endorphins make a big difference to my day. Joining an on-line Pilates class weekly (with or without children) also lifts me hugely.

These 4 things are making a big difference to me and I appreciate them more than I ever thought possible.

*Which 4 things are helping you through your days during this time?

If you'd like to explore this further, get in touch - I'd love to help and listen.

Take care, stay well and stay safe

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