THE 5 C's

Our 5C’s model underpins the key areas we focus on with our clients.

Our ability to encourage, inspire, support and engage ensures we deliver creative and practical solutions as well as identifying and exploring opportunities with our clients.


creating the overall vision of where you want to be and what you want to achieve

guiding you through the process of bringing complete clarity to the objectives required to achieve your vision


defining and implementing the specific changes required in order to meet your set objectives

understanding and defining the culture and mind-set required to implement the changes at business, team and individual level


empowering you to achieve the confidence and belief required to take action and succeed


We take a pragmatic and objective approach and our passion for enabling people in a supportive yet challenging manner ensures individual grow, teams develop and businesses achieve results.


What makes us different is our values based style combined with a unique insight of business and people dynamics.  This brings a unique platform to you and your business where we can create a climate of openness, honesty and trust, which sets the scene for high growth and achievement of goals from outset.


Our unique approach to diagnosing, mutual design and action orientation, means we can get along-side situations and challenge with integrity to map out the impact that any proposed way forward will have on you, your teams and your business.


Our flexible approach is driven by the needs of the businesses we work with. By allowing alignment of both personal and business objectives it gives a unique approach when operating across the coaching and consulting platforms.  

Rachael’s ability to consider and challenge all aspects of a given situation demonstrates her broad intellect and desire to diagnose completely all relevant facts.  Her creative mind-set provides solutions and outcomes that others fail to envisage.  Working with Rachael is to work with a trusted business partner, an individual who supports all areas of the business and who demonstrates a positive and infectious attitude.

Justin Towlson – Business Development Director – AEGON UK