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Rachael Hurdman Arch Inspire

Rachael Hurdman

Rachael Hurdman is the Director and Founder of Arch inspire, establishing the business in 2016, she works closely with her clients as both a Coach and Consultant.

A bit about me

As a Coach and Consultant, I embrace and enjoy the opportunity and challenge facing many businesses - managing change through people centred solutions.  I have benefitted professionally and personally from working with both a brilliant coach and two fantastic mentors over many years now and have seen and experienced first-hand the results and changes that can be achieved. In a nut-shell, I inspire people to lead  (which encompasses: leading self, leading teams and leading businesses).


After working for over 18 years within the Financial Services sector, I took the step to work independently in May 2016 and haven’t looked back.  Having learnt and achieved so much within the industry, the opportunity ahead for me was to find new ways of using all of the knowledge, experience and skills I had gained, to work with different businesses across a variety of sectors. 


5 years on I feel extremely fortunate to work with many clients within Financial Services as well as with clients in just some of the following sectors:  Legal, Accountancy, Voluntary, Engineering and Education.


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My core values are integrity, honesty and responsibility - they underpin how I work with and support my clients every single day.

​The approach I take  is quite different to others as I use a blend of both consultancy and coaching in much of my work, which coupled with my own work experience is quite unique. Inspiring people to lead is at the core of everything that I do and this in part helped me to name my business ‘Arch inspire’.  I have a continual thirst for learning and this ensures I give the very best of myself to the clients I work with.


I live in the West Midlands with my husband, daughter and twin boys. I love running, reading socialising and travel.  I feel so fortunate to have created a business that I love, which also enables me to spend time with my family – working with my coach and two brilliant mentors over many years has helped me achieve this balance. 

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