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Arch inspire
Our Privacy Statement 2021

Arch inspire respects each person's privacy and this policy will advise you how we collect and use the personal information that you supply us with. 

Who are we?

Arch inspire is the trading name of Arch inspire Ltd, a Limited Company registered in England & Wales (registration number - 10127925), whose registered address is 2, Highlands Court, Cranmore Ave, Shirley, Solihull B90 4LE.


Why do we need your details?

In order to deliver coaching and consulting services to you, we will collect and store only such personal information that we require in order to set up and/or fulfil our contract with you. Arch inspire collect and use your personal details, which can include telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and meeting notes, which are stored in line with our Data Protection policy so that we can process the following: 


• Work with you in a Coaching and Consulting capacity 

• Reply to any requests for information that you ask us for 

• Clarify any query you may have 

• Cross check any information that we receive from you with information held on our database 

How do we receive your information?

The information that we hold may be supplied by you or by your employer (with your permission) directly to us by telephone, through face to face meetings or e-mail. This information can be defined 'personally identifiable information', which means it can be used to identify you, personally. 


Who has access to your information?

Your 'personally identifiable information' details will be kept by Arch inspire Ltd for an appropriate length of time and with your agreement in accordance with our Data Protection Policy. Your details will not be sold or otherwise disposed of to any third party. Your information would only be passed to a 3rd party in relation to specific consulting or coaching interventions with your permission. 


How secure are your details?

When you register your details, we will take all reasonable steps to keep these details secure and free from unauthorised access by use of technology and internal systems which will be updated as new technology becomes available and is appropriate to our systems, as documented in our Data Protection policy. 


Use of Third Party Testimonials:

At certain times we may ask your consent to provide online testimonials or reviews about the service you have received from Arch inspire Ltd - this is always agreed with you in writing. We only disclose names if we have agreed this with you and you have granted us permission. These testimonials may be featured on Arch inspires’ website, on Rachael Hurdman’s Linked In profile or in Arch inspire propositional materials – this is always agreed in writing with our clients. 


Removing or changing your information:

If you wish to change or remove the information that we hold for you, please contact Rachael Hurdman directly at Arch inspire Limited. If you wish to have your information removed from our database either permanently or temporarily, please contact us. 


Making a complaint about the way in which your data is stored or used:

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint about the way in which your details are used or stored by Arch inspire, please contact Arch inspire Ltd or write to: Rachael Hurdman, 2, Highlands Court, Cranmore Ave, Shirley, Solihull B90 4LE


If you have a query about any aspect of this policy or wish to have any part of it clarified, please contact Rachael Hurdman directly at Arch inspire Ltd. 

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