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A timely reminder of self-care

I wanted to share a reminder this week of some of the things we can do to help ourselves at this time. Given many of us are now in tighter restrictions, given the announcements yesterday, doing what we can to look after ourselves is more important that ever right now. Here are just a few things I have done this week that have helped me I thought I'd share, which link closely to the image I have shared.

1) ) Organised a virtual session with some super connections and friends I have made though the years at the IOD - it was brilliant time spent.

2) Thanked the school for what was the first virtual parents evening we had - I have so much respect of the teaching profession, how they are adapting and continuing to teach and support our children is amazing.

3) Completed session 4 of the breathe work programme I am doing (I often talk to client's about noticing their breathing when they feel stressed, over-worked or over-whelmed so I decided to take a course in this to learn more.

4) Put the Christmas decorations up! It made us all feel happy

5) Arranged some virtual catch up calls and walks with good friends and work connections over the coming weeks and into next year.

6) Celebrated new client work with a glass of fizz and a lot of chocolate!

Simple steps I have taken that have made a big difference to my week.

Engaging with friends and connections you can be open and honest with really does make a difference.


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