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 Happy Friday Collection - Guide 4

Happy Friday and welcome to the 4th Happy Friday Collection guide of 2024!

This guide will support you to challenge yourself in respect of the language you use to communicate - both in terms of how you communicate with others and how you talk to yourself (your self-talk). It will encourage you to challenge unhelpful and limiting language patterns and motivate you to use confident, empowering and positive language (both written and verbal).

This guide is particularly useful for those who want to improve their self-talk and their overall confidence and belief when working towards setting and achieving goals or ambitions they have. It is also helpful for individuals who want to have more conviction and positivity in the language they use when leading, influencing and motivating others.

I saw some of the best examples of empowering communication at the London Marathon last Sunday, both in terms of how runners were talking to themselves (at many times out loud from mile 20 onwards) and the incredible support from the crowds, encouraging the runners to dig deep, believe in themselves and to keep going. It was the most wonderful feeling to encourage a runner, call their name, then to see them smile and keep going.

Please share this guide far and wide.

Happy Friday Collection Guide 4
Download PDF • 3.83MB


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