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Pause, Recharge, Reset, Refresh

Happy Friday!

I was inspired last night by my wonderful client Lisa Steward. I am also a client of hers too! Lisa has given me permission to share her words below today. Her on-going commitment to personal and professional growth inspires me as well as her new found commitment to pause and take the time to reset. 

I'm on Day 8 of my NLP Master Practitioner Programme, I've learnt so much and have been challenged frequently in a very good way this week Sue Knight. Last night I attended a superb Coaching Central event focused on the power of telling stories in business by the brilliant Susan Payton. It was an incredible session. My NLP learning is resonating strongly this week in terms of the stories we share, the language we use (verbal and non-verbal), the moments that trigger our learning and what we choose to share with others to form relationships and connections. 

Here's are Lisa's words.....

"I’ve created a lot of time to reflect this week, to pause and reset. It was my birthday over the Bank Holiday weekend and I made a lot of new happy memories with friends and family. This morning before work, I met my friend for a swim. The weather was beautiful and the ducklings and baby coots came out to see us as we swam past. 

With the support of my coach Rachael, I recently completed my EQ-i programme. For those of you that don’t know the EQ-i model measures Emotional Intelligence (EI). The Arch inspire EI programme and EQ-i assessment Psysoft measures 5 distinct areas of EI further distilled into 15 sub-scales. The results are fascinating, there are no right or wrong answers. The scope for learning and further development is huge and very exciting.

My highest sub-scale in the report was ‘Stress Tolerance’, meaning and I quote ‘You manage emotions, remain composed and maintain performance even in tough times. You are calm with others and show high resilience’. I’m fully aware of this value as I’ve been running my business for 19 years and worked far longer in the fast pace sector of 'Point of Sale'. It’s a value I’m proud of - but the key takeaway from this scale was the importance of wellbeing which Rachael challenged me on... ‘To pause, take time and reset regularly. I’ve found that very difficult in the past but I’m getting better at it. It’s very sage counsel that I’d encourage anyone to follow”.

Lisa Steward for me is a role-model for her commitment to her personal and professional growth and her desire to share more of who she is to connect with others. An exemplar in-fact! She's also incredible at what she does. - take a look! 

Thank you Susan Payton,June Hogan MCIPD and Rachael McNidder for a fantastic session last night too! 

Have a super weekend and enjoy the sun!


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