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Dream big, Start small

Happy Friday folks,

Following on from my post last week on small steps making the difference, I have had a number of conversations with clients this week about what they want to focus on and achieve over the coming weeks and months and the difference this will make to them and others. I love this quote from Simon Sinek, it's a powerful reminder to make sure we actually start in the first place!

A small action taken makes a difference and recognising these small steps encourages us to keep going to reach our bigger dreams, goals and ambitions. Starting small is more important than ever at present given the restrictions we are experiencing in our lives.

Unless we start we don't get our dreams, ideas and goals off the ground. I recall a conversation 5 years ago with my mentor when I was planning the launch of Arch inspire. Given I am a planner and organiser I was focusing on everything little I needed to get ready before going live. He politely said to me, 'Just start Rachael, start it and do it now, It was sound advice.

Another memory I have is a New Years Eve where a group of my friends wanted to get more active in January. After a fair few drinks I suggested we start a small running club and embark on a couch to 5k, my words that night were along the lines of let's do a couch to 5k and start small, then we can do a 10k, then we can do a half marathon and then a marathon. A number of us did that half marathon in 2018 and I did the London Marathon in 2019. We started small and we started, the running club continues is still going strong even though we can't run together right now.

Start small and start now!


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