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Find space for green space

Happy Friday,

A brilliant week where I got to spend two days in these locations with two brilliant teams focusing on just some of the following:

✅Creating a Culture of accountability

✅Our personal values and the importance of their alignment to company values

✅Identifying and leveraging our characteristics and attributes

✅The difference between accountability and responsibility and how we can develop this within ourselves and within teams

✅The importance of developing our assertiveness in order to create boundaries

✅The skill of contracting as leaders, managers and coaches and how we can maximise this skill in our personal lives

✅The power of gratitude

✅The power of pausing

✅Balancing our goals and ambitions with our own and each-other’s self-care and mental fitness.

I took these two pictures to help remind us all of how important green space is for us even if it’s a short walk and a break from the screen or scheduled time in nature. I challenged myself and the teams I was working with to spend some time in these spaces during the day. One day was blustery and chilly the other calm and sunny – both felt really good.

I also attended the Coaching Central session last night on 'Coaching Outdoors' and it opened my eyes. Sam Eddleston was inspiring. I am starting to spend more time with fellow coaches outdoors and moving forward I am going to incorporate this into more of my coaching programmes.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy some nature and fresh air. 🌳🌞☁️🍁


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