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Find your WHY

Happy Friday,

I wanted to recommend the latest High Performance Podcast today. I am a huge fan of both Simon Sinek and High Performance so this podcast is a winner for me.

Simon Sinek is an author and inspirational speaker, known for his books ‘Start with Why’ and ‘Find Your Why’, both of which focus on how to find your purpose and help those in your life find it too. Finding your Why, is the idea that everyone knows what we do, some of us know how we do it, but very few of us can articulate why we do what we do.

I’ve previously attended a Simon Sinek WHY workshop (The Optimism Company) and found it incredibly valuable, I also continue to dip into his books regularly. I focus on WHY continually with my clients in terms of helping them establish their own WHY and in turn the businesses, teams and individuals that they work with.

This podcast is really worth listening to, there are some real gems throughout but what inspired me the most was Simon’s own journey and how he shared his own vulnerabilities and core attributes so openly.

The following really resonated for me:

-Always strive to be the better person that you currently are

-You don’t have to know every answer or pretend that you do

-You can’t do it alone – it’s also not much fun alone

-Challenge yourself to get over yourself

-Strive to live your life for the benefit of others

-Get help to find your why if you haven’t discovered it yet

-Focus on identifying your attributes and how they help you and others

-Create fun in your work and life (when you have fun you are in flow)

Here is the link:


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