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Focus On The Positive - 3 Key Wins

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this picture from my Liz and Mollie calendar this morning.

A reminder of how we can all too often treat ourselves when we make a mistake as opposed to when we do something well. We can often dwell, catastrophize and spend far too long focusing on what didn't go well for us. Whilst it's really important to learn from mistakes and set backs it's also important that we view them as learning opportunities.

I am working with a number of coaching clients at the moment where I am supporting them with their confidence and challenging the self-talk they use. They are implementing the habit of capturing '3 Key Wins' at the end of each day to help encourage them to centre on what they have done as opposed to what they have not yet. It's a simple practice which helps end each day on a positive and also benefits committing to your boundaries between home and work.

Have a great day and try out the '3 Key Wins' today!


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