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Give To Others

Happy Friday,

I love this quote and it really resonated for me this morning given I watched 'Who do you think you are?' last night where Matt Lucas discovered his family had a connection to Anne Frank. I can't think of anyone more influential to say this quote given what she endured and how much she lost.

I've been reflecting this week on the things that make me happy and energise me the most. It is not that surprising given what I do, that the best days and my happiest moments are when I help others.

My daily Positive Intelligence focus and challenge this morning focuses on 'Aiming to serve'. One of the most effective ways to be happier and feel happier is to help others. Think back throughout this week and reflect on the moments where you helped someone - how did you feel afterwards and what difference did you make to that individual you helped?

Ask yourself the following today....

How can I serve someone today?

How can I help someone feel a little more happier?

How can I help someone be a little more calmer?

How can I help to lighten someone's load today?

How can I help someone smile today?

This is different from the 'people pleaser' saboteur I talked about last week where you want someone to 'like' you back. Aiming to serve is about helping others unconditionally. Serving does not need to be a huge act or a huge investment on your time either - it can be a small act/gesture that makes a real difference to another person.

Have a super Friday, enjoy the sun and stay safe


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