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Happy Birthday Arch Inspire

Happy Friday & Happy 6th Birthday Arch inspire!

Today I want to share some quotes that have really helped me over last 6 years, I refer to them all the time and they have helped me immensely.....

-One day you'll wake up and realise there isn't any more time to do the things you've always wanted to do - do it now!

-Surround yourself with people who lift you higher.

-Never stop learning, never stop growing.

-People don't buy you, they buy why you do it.

-The cost of failing is learning.

I also want to thank some amazing people who have helped me along the way over the last 6 years. Too many to name you all here but you know who you are so thank you.

Also a huge thank you to my wonderful clients who trust me to enable me to do what I love to do – 'inspiring people to lead themselves and others'. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - it's an absolute privilege and a pleasure. Thank you to the wonderful co-coaching and supervision group I’ve joined too - invaluable.

Philip Hurdman, Peter Hill, Lou Macari, Tim Robins, Marie Wicker, Jacqui Jagger, Dr Frances Mason, Tim Evans, Dawn Adlam, Louise Panayides, Mark Panayides, Craig McVoy, Philip Base, Rebecca Jones, Karen Heap, Sue Knight, Kirsty Chaudhry, Illettia Hayter, Alana Raven, Helen Barge, Annie Johnston, Maxine Cameron, Heidi Blakeway.

Have a great weekend and here's to the next 6 years!


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