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High Performance

Happy Friday,

I had the pleasure of facilitating a team development day with a long standing client of mine yesterday in a beautiful setting. The day was focused on 'our commitment and confidence to perform'.

I wanted the share a brilliant book that we focused on as part of the day - High Performance by Damian Hughes and Jake Humphrey. This book was recommended to me by my wonderful coaching client who actually attended yesterday.

High Performance focuses on lessons from the best on becoming the best.

Tom Daley, Kelly Holmes, Chris Hoy and Jo Malone to name a few of the contributors share their insights, experience and learning on achieving high performance and crucially taking responsibility and accountability for their success.

High Performance focuses on 8 crucial steps to help help us be the best we can possibly be.....

Take Responsibility

Get Motivated

Manage Your Emotions

Play To Your Strengths

Get Flexible

Find Your Non-Negotiables

Lead The Team

Craft A Culture

I cannot recommend this book highly enough and it links to much for the development work I do with clients on vision, culture, mind-set, being brilliant at the basics, resilience, personality preferences, taking ownership and focusing on what we can control.

Damian and Jake also host the High Performance podcast - many of these podcasts contain gold dust. Visit to find out more.

Have a super weekend.


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