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I can't, I might, I will, I am, I did

Happy Friday,

I love this image that I came across this week on 'lizandmollies' instagram page and wanted to share it. I've been working closely with a Leadership team over the course of this week on accountability and responsibility as Leaders. Connected to this we have explored how we can build more confidence in ourselves and in turn others to achieve and grow. This visual powerfully sums up the process many of us can go through.

I had a coaching session last week and the client said the following at the end of our session, which illustrates this so well....

'At the start of today I was thinking that I can't and I have no idea of how I'll approach it, now I am sitting here with a page of notes, ideas and my plan of how I am going to do it'. This for me sums up the power of coaching.

I have shared some visuals before of Liz and Mollies work, the great news is they have a new book out later this year called 'Big Feelings', I've got it on pre-order and will do a review of it once I've read it.

Have a great weekend all.


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