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Keep Control and Respect Your Boundaries

Happy Friday,

I wanted to share the following TED talk today: ‘How to be a team player without burning out’ by Rob Cross who is a speaker, educator and consultant helping leaders and organisations succeed in a hyper-connected world.

Rob’s shares with us what drives us to take on too much and helps us consider what we can do to retain control and set healthy boundaries.

There are multiple ways to help us to collaborate together. We are doing more collaborative work than ever before which on one hand is fantastic but for many it is also creating overwhelm and overload. We are working more and more together and technology is helping us do this with far greater ease, particularly since the pandemic as we can engage and collaborate virtually, resulting in us being on multiple projects, being pulled into multiple virtual meetings as well finding a way to fulfil our own day to day role and responsibilities.

The following are key drivers for collaboration overload - this is basically, when we say yes too readily.

-Our desire to help

-Our need for accomplishment


Rob challenges us to learn to develop and commit to the following principles:

1) Learn to get comfortable saying no as well as taking the time to consider if it’s yes/no by reviewing your workload and schedule before you commit too readily.

2) Remember you can delegate – this empowers others and makes them be more self-reliant. Focus on how you can develop others by giving responsibility and control away.

3) Be intentional in crafting your work life – identify what you can and want to take on – make sure you don’t make an emotional decision based on a false belief. Create, protect and respect your boundaries.

It’s a 5 min talk and well worth listening to.


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