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Key learns from a tough half marathon

Happy Friday!

I am back this week after a super break with my family and time with friends. As per my last post - I definitely took a break and feel refreshed, recharged and ready to go as a result.

I started the break by running the Solihull Half Marathon (that wasn't the relaxing part of the break!) hence the picture below of me looking tired at the end of it. In all truth it was the first half marathon I've done that I really didn't enjoy.

To start with it was the hilliest course I've ever run (I deliberately didn't look too closely at the course which is unlike me and a lesson I've learnt), the weather was hotter than anticipated and I was also running in memory of a friend who should have been doing it so I felt very emotional. I never really got into it and didn't get anywhere near the time I wanted either. However I have learnt more from this experience that I have from any other run I've done. I’ve learnt that...

-It's really ok to have an off day

-It's ok to say you haven't really enjoyed something that you may have worked/trained really hard for

-Doing your best and not giving up gives you the greatest satisfaction over and above a desired time/result (at mile 9 I wanted to call a taxi!)

-Tough runs and tough times really do make you stronger

-Being honest with yourself and others is important when you are struggling or are not feeling yourself

-Don't book a hilly half marathon at the beginning of a holiday!

Have a super weekend all.


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