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Laugh more!

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Happy Friday!

I've set myself a challenge..... to laugh more! I had a meeting with a long-standing client yesterday and whilst we focused on some important business and personal topics in the session, we spent time at the end of the session really laughing. I shared a couple of funny Whats App blunder stories, he shared a few back and we were literally both laughing out loud – proper laughter with tears.

After, I reflected that I don't do this enough in life and I want to do it a lot more! I love being around those with a great sense of humour and I try to bring fun to my work as much as I can and where it is appropriate to do so. I also work with a fellow coach where we do this all the time and I love working with them for this reason – the work is really good fun!

However, it’s made me think that I don’t laugh enough with the most important little humans in my life – my children. The Monday to Friday schedule of working, school runs, after school clubs, homework, house duties, etc, etc, often don’t leave enough time for more fun but that’s not enough of an excuse.

Someone who nails this is my husband, he’s known for his brilliant sense of humour and my children call him the 'funnier one' out the two of us! I hate to admit it but they are right. Some of this has to do with the many compartments I have in my brain to balance a lot of the above but laughter is really really important and he does it with our children in spades.

Laughter is also good for our well-being and health. A smile or laugh triggers a chemical reaction in our brains, which releases small proteins called neuropeptides. These molecules maintain immune tolerance and may also help us fight potentially serious illnesses.

Life can be very hectic and pretty serious for many so we need to make sure we include humour in our daily lives. When we smile it instantly helps us feel more relaxed, at ease and happier.

My challenge to you today - make yourself and someone else laugh - see how it feels!

Thank you to Annie Johnston for making me really laugh in this picture and throughout our shoot!


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