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Lead by example

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share a great TED talk by Patty McCord, the former chief talent officer at Netflix, In this 5 minute talk she shares her key insights and lessons that led her to create a company culture of looking less to control and more to trust. I've watched this talk quite a few times and it resonates strongly with me. Here are her 8 lessons on building a company people enjoy working for.

-Your employees are adults - talk to and treat each other like adults

-The job of management and leadership isn’t to control people, it’s to build great teams

-People want to do work that means something to them – let them progress and grow and move on if that's the right thing for them

-Everyone in your company should understand the business - teach everyone how the business works, what matters to the business, what is measured and why and what great looks like

-Everyone in your company should be able to handle the truth – meaningful feedback is about telling the honest truth in the moment about what people are doing well and what they need to work on

-Your company needs to live out its values – live them and role model them, people can’t be what they can't see

-All start up ideas are stupid, don't discount any idea too early

-Every company needs to be excited for change – think about how things can be not how they used to be

Some of the best teams I have worked in over my career and teams I coach and consult with today strive hard to achieve the above, they are honest about what they are strong at and are open to making better what they are not, they are always learning and developing and they don't stand still.

I highly recommend watching this TED talk through a few times and then re-visit it often. If you'd like to understand how I work with clients to develop a culture of trust, safety, belonging, opportunity, learning and fun then please do get in touch.


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