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Leading in uncertainty

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Happy Friday, I wanted to share this today to help Leaders in these times of uncertainty.


There is real power in simply listening to enable your team to share what's on their mind - you don't need to have all the solutions. Just listening shows you care

✔️Welcome & Encourage Views/Ideas

Ensure your team know they have a voice and it is valued. Buy-in and commitment are far greater when teams know they play a key part in decisions and change


Ask questions to understand the needs of your team, to help you to be aware of your teams thoughts, feelings and their own hilltops


Communicate clearly and confidently. In times of uncertainty provide stability where you can. Give regular feedback to your team and ask the same of them so you all know what's working and what needs further focus


Give your teams a track to run on, help them understand the purpose and vision and crucially the 'why'. Guide is not the same as Tell

✔️Check-in regularly

Be alert to signs that team members may not be ok. You may not see your team face to face currently so regular check-ins are crucial. Find different ways to ask 'How are you?' to move beyond the 'fine thanks'.

Crucially, make sure you are looking after 'you' and have support in place for you.


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