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Learn to pause...

Happy Friday, I love this quote and wanted to share this today. For the first time in a long time I have felt more able to 'pause' this week and 'look up' now the children are back to school. Having some space to pause has reminded me how crucial it is to do this. I have reflected this week on how intense the last year has been and how I have jumped from one thing to the next to try and balance my business with my families' needs. Whilst I help my clients to continually focus on looking up and creating space, let's face it, it's challenging to do this at times. I hope the following helps capture 'why' pausing helps us all. Pause to: -Recognise how far you have come and what you have achieved -Focus on your next steps and the actions you want to take to reach those steps -Create space to celebrate the little wins that make the difference -Acknowledge that simply taking a deep breath to slow down and calm your thoughts helps you -Give yourself and others the chance to reflect when being asked a question rather than filling the space or responding instantly -Help acknowledge other important things you may have overlooked as you simply have not had the headspace to consider them Today I challenge you to view a pause as an opportunity as opposed to an empty space.


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