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Let's talk emotions

Happy Friday,

I am working increasingly with clients to help them understand, explore and develop their own emotional intelligence in order to help them become more emotionally aware of themselves and others. Last week, I shared the importance of seeking first to understand and then to be understood in relation to how team members may be thinking and feeling at this time as we navigate new ways of working at home and in the office. Focusing on our own and others emotions can really help us in this planning as Lockdown restrictions ease.

The great news is emotional intelligence can be developed and it all starts with self-awareness.

So what is Emotional Intelligence?

EI or EQ as it is also referred to, is centred around using emotional information in a meaningful way.

This includes the way we understand and communicate our own emotions, how we perceive the emotions of others, how we communicate and how we make decisions. Being aware of, being in control of and being able to express our emotions as well as understanding and appreciating the emotions of others is crucial in order to engage, inspire and develop those around us.

The 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence

The EQ.i profiling tool I use with clients breaks down Emotional Intelligence into the following elements:

Self-perception – Am I realistic about how I perceive myself?

Self-expression – How can I express myself more effectively and communicate more clearly?

Interpersonal – How can I connect at a more personal level with my team right now?

Decision making – How can I make more informed decisions balancing the needs of the business, the team and our customers?

Stress Management – How can I improve ways to manage and reduce pressure and stress and in turn help my team to do the same?

Want to know more?

Please get in touch with me to find out more about emotional intelligence profiling and how it can help you, your business and your team.

A client shared this with me after completing their recent EQi and Arch inspire Coaching programme.

‘I understand my emotions more fully than I ever have done before. I now take time to really listen to those I work with and I feel I know my colleagues and team at a far deeper level, they have commented that I listen more and invite more ideas. I wish I’d focused on this years ago'.


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