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Living and working in line with your values

I have been working with a client in the Arts sector and was delighted to hear recently that they have just secured their dream role. They shared the following with me, which for me sums up why it's so crucial for us to take the time to understand our values and how we can ensure our life and work reflects them. It takes time and commitment but it's worth it. I am so proud of my client for their commitment to the coaching programme, their resilience, determination and belief in creating and achieving what they truly wanted in line with their values. Please get in touch if you want to find out how I help clients achieve this.

After taking a career break and moving to the U.K, I realised that I had the opportunity to really think about how I wanted to build my new life and career here.

What were my actual strengths?

What did I enjoy and not enjoy in previous positions I had had?

What were my values?

What would success look like?

Our work together, creating a master plan (the creation document) that answered all those questions, was a guiding light in what turned out to be a long search for the right role, which I now have!

Just after I started my new position, I went back and reviewed my creation document again - my new role ticked every single box. This gives me so much confidence to know that I am on the right path for me and that I can give my absolute best at work.

I'm really grateful I worked with you and took the time to focus on what I really wanted. It will clearly pay dividends toward my success and happiness. I would also encourage people to not wait until they are miserable at work or if they've had a major life change to work with you. It's always a good idea to clarify your path and your values.


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