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Love to Laugh

Happy Friday!

This card made me smile and links well to my marathon mission

and my challenge of laughing more!

A few of my more recent posts have focused on the importance of fun and laughter in our life and in our work, especially when there are so many incredibly hard and sad events happening in the world and in our lives.

My husband gave me this card as a 'well done' for committing to the London Marathon in memory of my friend and also a reminder to have fun along the way. He included these 2 little pieces of information inside:

💡Researchers at Georgia University found that incorporating bouts of laughter into an exercise programme had a significant improvement in aerobic endurance.

💡A University of Oxford study found that laughing triggers the endorphin system which plays a crucial role in pain management. They found that 15 minutes of laughter boosts a person's pain threshold significantly.

I have a client who uses jokes to end meetings - he shared one with me just this week. I always leave the meetings and interactions I have with him with a smile on my face - it's powerful and makes me feel good.

Challenge today - Find a Joke, Tell a joke and make someone smile. It feels good- just like jogging on the inside! If you'd like to, post it below too so we all benefit!

As an aside, thank you for the incredible sponsorship so far - a way to go but a fantastic start - link at the top if you are able to share or donate a few pennies....

Thank you Philip Hurdman for being someone who makes me really laugh and smile.


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