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Make mistakes

Well we made it to Friday and completed week one of Jan!

A quick share today but one to remind ourselves and others of regularly.

'Mistakes are expected, respected and corrected'

I overheard my daughters teacher say this at the start of on-line learning this week, it stopped me in my tracks and I've thought about it all week.

💡Firstly, I was so glad her class got to hear these words. Young minds more than ever before need to hear and understand the importance of what this means and how practicing this can help them as they move through life and particularly the next few months of schooling.

💡Secondly, it struck me that us older minds don't always pay attention to this. If I look back over my career and indeed my life, many of the biggest learns, which have led to successes have come from me making a mistake or making a poor decision. By accepting and respecting the mistake / decision I was able to learn to then take a different path and apply how I dealt with it to future challenges and opportunities. I wish I'd heard and understood this more when I was younger. Many of my clients say the same thing.

I challenge and encourage you to accept, respect and correct. Please also share this with younger and older minds.

Take care and be kind to yourselves


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