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Measure and Mark Milestones

Happy Friday!

A quick one today about the importance of focusing on our overall progress and achievements despite the setbacks and challenges we may encounter along the way (which in many cases make us even stronger and more resilient).

A tough day this week personally remind me of this. A reoccurring ankle niggle has resurfaced as I’ve ramped up my marathon training resulting in an urgent physio appointment, a very painful but needed treatment and updated orthotics.

My physio reminded me of how I dealt with the injury last time physically and mentally and how my determination and resilience saw me through.

When I reflect on it, it was a pretty good day - I got the treatment I needed, spotted it early and had a reassuring chat with my physio. This blip has resulted in an up turn as I’ve run today and the ankle feels good.

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs but don’t forget that the downs can make you stronger and make the ups feel even more positive. Reflect today on all you’ve achieved this week and what you are proud of, also reflect on what has been challenging or more difficult and what you’ve learnt as a result.

Have a great jubilee week ahead


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