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Never Stop Learning

Happy Friday!

I started this week with a brilliant co-coaching and supervisory session which helped me focus on my business and on my life as a whole, prioritising how I can have the most impact and also achieve the balance I want. I left it feeling it had been the most valuable 4 hours I’d spent in a long time investing in myself as well as working with and supporting the group.

I’ve ended this week having delivered the last module of a two year Leadership and Management development programme. I’ve had the privilege of coaching 19 brilliant leaders and managers in two groups over this time. I'm so proud of the programme that I've designed and delivered to this engaging and receptive team. I feel so grateful to have worked alongside the HR Manager to deliver this programme, who has been a complete joy to work with every step of the way, I have also learnt so much from her. It's been superb to work with the MD and Chairman who are both so passionate about developing their teams and themselves continually. We are now half way through this programme for a new group of leaders and managers in the business, which will run into summer 2024.

The key to the success of this programme has been the investment that the business has made in terms of their utter commitment and attitude to engage, learn and be open to new skills, knowledge and coaching. I've conducted 121 coaching sessions with every individual in-between each module to really help cement their learning, their application of the skills and tools and to enable them to have a safe space to share challenges as well as the opportunities they encounter.

I was reflecting last night on this programme and how excited I feel for this business and the opportunities ahead for them. It is brilliant to be able work with this many people who I respect, admire and really enjoy working with. We've covered the following modules throughout and what strikes me most is:

⭐️the passion they have for the values they hold themselves accountable to

⭐️the vision they strive towards for their clients and each other

⭐️the culture that they continue to build, develop and evolve

✔️Our Vision & Values as Leaders and Managers

✔️Developing our Culture as Leaders and Managers

✔️The Power of Myers Briggs as Leaders and Managers

✔️Demonstrating our Accountability and Responsibility as Leaders

✔️Supporting and leveraging performance and development opportunities as Leaders and Managers

✔️Coaching as Leaders

✔️Managing and Leading proactive and imposed change

✔️Our individual and collective impact as Leaders and Managers

My key reflection this week - Never ever stop learning!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend ahead.

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