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One day at a time

I've heard this so often over the last year since the pandemic started and it's something I practice - 'Just take one day at a time' but what does this mean and involve?

Taking one day at a time entails:

-Living in the moment

-Not asking too much of yourself

-Taking care of your own needs first so you can be there for others

-Recognising the difference between what-ifs and what is

-Focusing on what you can control in a day

-Focusing on the brighter moments of the day

-Checking in that your thoughts are not dwelling too heavily on the past or spending all their time in the future

-Being conscious of where you are, what are you are doing and what is happening right now

-Acknowledging what you have achieved in the day.

For so many of us each day is feeling 'ground-hoggy'.

This is life right now for our family....

Meals, work, homeschool, meals, work, homeschool, walk, meals, work, printing for home-school!, sleep and start again and then the weekend which we fill with walking/ a run and more walking, games, cleaning, meals however I am working hard to take one day at a time, celebrate the little wins, be more in the moment where I can with the children and feel grateful for all we have right now in life, which is so much compared to so many.

Today is today, tomorrow is a new day for now I'm focusing on today and oh the 1st Feb only because I can have a glass of wine!

Take care


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