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Pause before pleasing

Happy Friday,

Love this image from my Liz and Mollie calendar.

This is a common area I focus on with my clients in respect of the impact that this cycle creates not only for themselves but also for their colleagues, friends and families.

I have worked on my own people-pleasing tendency over the years and continue to do so. Given what I do, it's in my DNA to help daily - it's what I love to do. However there is a distinction between helping and pleasing.

These little techniques and questions have helped me and my clients greatly over the years.

💡’Pause before pleasing’ too readily (give myself time before saying yes too readily or jumping in straight away)

💡Challenge myself - Am I helping or pleasing?

💡If I say yes to someone else do I say no to myself?

💡How do I feel and think once I have 'pleased' versus how do I feel and think after I have 'helped'

💡Consider and value my own needs daily

💡Where is the pressure to please coming from? (quite often it's from ourselves)

My work on the PQ GROW Positive Intelligence programme has helped me greatly in this area too.

I'd love to hear if this tendency impacts you as well as any techniques you use to help yourself and others.

Have a great weekend ahead.


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