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Permission to Pause

A little reminder today to give yourself permission to pause.

I had a meeting yesterday at the beautiful Mallory Court Hotel and afterwards decided to take some time, before heading back to the office for meetings to wander around the grounds. The picture below was taken there, it's a beautiful setting and very peaceful. It helped me to pause and take some time for me. It's been wonderful to start to meet face to face more and more given a lot of my work is virtual but I've realised I don't take enough time in the day to reset and recharge as my schedule is very full.

Taking this time yesterday actually really benefited me and I've made a commitment to do this daily from now on during my working day wherever I can. Just 10-15 minutes outside in the fresh air helps us to:

🌳feel good in the moment

🌳manage our stress levels

🌳boost our immune system

🌳use all our senses to benefit from nature

🌳stop and engage in all we have around us

🌳reduce our introspection levels when we are feeling over-whelmed

🌳increase our overall focus and productivity

I really feel that the time I spent outside there yesterday helped with all the above.

As you start your day today, think about where and how you can take some time outside for you and afterwards reflect on how it helped you.

Thank you Maxine Cameron for suggesting we meet here. I'd forgotten how much I love it here!


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