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Practice Gratitude

Happy Friday!

The definition of gratitude - the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

There's a fascinating 'Just One Thing' podcast by Dr Michael Mosley focused on the mental and physical benefits of practicing gratitude (link below) which is well worth a listen.

I focus on this topic with clients and regularly recommend the simple exercise of taking 5 minutes each day (either at the start or at the end) to list and write down 3 things they are grateful for. This exercise also features in the podcast. This exercise helps us to lift ourselves above the things that may have not gone so well in the day or the things we haven't yet achieved. It helps us focus on...

-what we have ourselves

-what the things or the people around us bring to us

-what we bring to others

I do this daily and it definitely helps my outlook, well-being and overall happiness.

Here are my 3 today:

1) Looking forward to spending this afternoon with the children

2) Reflecting on my daughters Grade 1 violin pass this week - how hard she has worked and how much her brilliant teacher has helped her.

3) Watching the Olympics highlights this week as a family - it makes me feel happy and proud of our great country and the athletes, it also makes me feel excited for the Birmingham Common Wealth games.

My challenge to you - take 5 minutes and do the same - see how you feel when you read your list back, I'd love to hear how this exercise helps you.


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