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Happy Good Friday,

Here's to a weekend for those of us celebrating Easter and reuniting safely with loved ones who we may have been apart from for a long time. This weekend I will be focusing on reconnecting with my wider family who I have not seen for over 8 months - I am beyond excited. This got me thinking about Maslow for some reason this week - I first learnt about his Hierarchy of Needs way back when I was studying Psychology at A-Level.

Maslow's theory presents his hierarchy of needs in a pyramid shape, with basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid and more high-level, intangible needs at the top. Whether you are a fan of Maslow or not or agree or disagree with the hieracrchy, the reason I share this is to reflect how much the pandemic has impacted our social needs of love and belonging. The need for human interaction, connection, face to face time, friendship and family bonds. I feel so grateful I have my own family but my goodness I have missed my wider family. I cannot wait to spend a weekend outside in parks and gardens reconnecting and seeing my loved ones in person again. I am also very conscious that so many have lost family and friends so this will be a hard weekend for many.

I'm determined to ditch the screens this weekend and focus on reconnecting with my loved ones in person rather than on a screen!

Have a super Easter reconnecting, remembering, reflecting and having fun.


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