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Small steps lead to big changes

'Success is not a big step taken in the future, Success is a small step taken right now'.

Here are my tips to help you achieve your goals by focusing on the small steps along the way.

✔️Set mini goals/milestones to help you stay focused towards your bigger goals/objectives - these are the small steps on your ladder

✔️Celebrate reaching these smaller steps to mark how you’re progressing - this will give you the confidence, energy and belief to keep going

✔️Share your goals with an accountability partner (someone you can check-in with to hold you to account and encourage you along the way - this can work both ways brilliantly)

✔️Review, reflect and re-set if need be - don't be a slave to a goal that no longer works for you, your work, your business or your life

✔️Set goals that stretch you, make a difference and develop you

✔️Set goals you will enjoy achieving - sounds obvious but if you're not passionate about it your 'Why' won't wash

✔️Capture 3 wins each day that are taking you towards what you want - this helps you focus on what you have done as opposed to what you haven't yet

My key 3 wins this week:

-Surviving (sorry) completing day 8 of home-school! (thanks Phil)

-Reaching day 15 of dry Jan - utter madness but I'm proud

-Having a week full of great client meetings


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