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Take Time For You

Happy Friday,

I love this simple and impactful visual from Fosslien and West Duffy. It illustrates the importance of looking after ourselves in order to be able to look after others.

I've been reflecting on this, over the course of this week and the key learnings I gained from my last co-coaching supervisory group. I set my self some mini goals to re-address my own balance (which was out of kilter) which I have worked hard to implement from the start of this month - commitment to exercise, reading more, protecting time in the week, making some time for just me - this can typically be the first thing that goes or just doesn't happen. I'm realising the importance of this more and more, the older I get!

Challenge for you today - Which one thing can you do today to take care of you? It could be as simple as going for a walk, doing exercise, reading a book, taking 15 minutes away from screens to sit in the garden/a green space, a meditation or simply just stopping for 15 minutes.

Have a super weekend. We have an outdoor adventure party for 25 children for the twins' birthday tomorrow in a heatwave! ☀️😬


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