Happy Friday,

As we near Christmas many of us are reflecting on the year we’ve had, which let's face it has been one none of us could have predicted.

As I sat last night and thought about my blog post today, I wrote a list of all the people who have been a 'Go To' for me this year. I often talk about this with clients to help them identify those people around them who they can go to when they need to talk, be listened to, learn, be challenged, share without judgment, confide or just download. I'm blessed to have many people in my life and in my work who are there for me.

Today I want to acknowledge some key people who have helped Arch inspire this year.

If you are finishing up today for the Christmas break, take 10 mins and remember to thank those that have been there for you this year. It takes a minute to thank someone and make them feel appreciated and valued.

Peter HillLou MacariTim RobinsMarie HaycocksCraig McVoyHelen BargeKirsty Chaudhryillettia hayterDr Frances MasonMaxine CameronJessica SangheraTim EvansHeidi BlakewayGeorgie ChaudhryLisa EvansCatriona StillPhilip HurdmanAlana Raven Natasha, my IOD pals, family, friends and incredible clients.

I can't thank everyone personally here but if you've helped me - thank you!