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The 5Cs

Happy Friday,

I’ve been doing some work to refresh and rebrand my marketing and propositional materials with the wonderful Lisa Steward at Zero 5. Arch inspire will soon be 7 years old - during the Easter break, I reflected on the last 7 years and the key ingredients that have helped me to reach this point.

7 years on, my 5C’S coaching model is still going from strength to strength and is helping so many achieve what they want and deserve in their careers, in their businesses and in their lives. I continue to modify, add to and improve my coaching offering - being part of a co-coaching supervisory group is a great way to continue to develop myself and learn from others, as well as the Positive Intelligence Coaches Programme that I’m enrolled in.

The Arch inspire 5C’s model guides clients to:

✔️Explore, discover and create the specific goals you want to achieve

✔️Bring complete clarity and focus in respect of these goals

✔️Receive on-going support and encouragement to drive the required and desired changes to achieve

✔️Develop and build your confidence to achieve what you want

✔️Define and develop your own culture and mind-set to support you both professionally and personally.

I want to thank Lisa Steward and Rebecca Jones for helping me to show and explain to both prospective, new and existing clients what I do and how I can help. I’ll be sharing more soon - the image is a taster from my new brochure.

I learnt early on the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are talented, who are skilled and can help you bring to life what you do as they genuinely also believe in your business. Trusting others to help you is absolutely key.

Have a super weekend ahead.


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