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The power of coaching

Happy Friday!

How to best illustrate the power of coaching and the change and learning that results....

I've received this feedback from a private coaching client that I’ve been working with over recent months.

When I started working with Rachael I had lost confidence in myself and my abilities.

Working with Rachael has resulted in me putting strategies in place to help me cope when I feel overwhelmed. I have new working practices that have revolutionised my day to day work life and for the first time in my career, I am starting to strike a work life balance.

There is no value I could put on Rachael’s coaching as it has given me so much and has improved my life beyond measure, I now cannot imagine working without thinking ‘What would Rachael say?’

Her coaching style is so effective. I look forward to the sessions because I know it gives me time to reflect and understand my thoughts and processes and reset ready for the week ahead.

I am grateful, my family are grateful and I am sure my clients are too!

-Private Coaching Client -

If you'd like to find out more about my Executive, Leadership and Private client group and 121 coaching programmes please do get in touch, I'd love to chat with you. I am working with many clients currently who are focusing on the following:

-regaining control and practicing what they can control

-'de-misting' the blur between working at home and living at home

-getting ready for 2021

-challenging themselves to get their own learning and development on track

-managing their mindset and energy to be the best leader they can be for others

-uncovering what is most important to them in work and life and setting actions to achieve what they want

-Identifying and understanding how they can support themselves and others during this time of uncertainty


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