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Time for Gratitude

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share this picture that I took of a beautiful beach in Normandy, that we visited over Easter. I decided to print this to remind me of the habit of gratitude.

When you are fortunate to get away on a holiday, you feel so grateful for your surroundings that you find yourself in (if you pick a good spot of course)! When you return from holiday you often really miss these surroundings, especially in the first week or so once you have returned to ‘normality’ - I decided to appreciate this beach at home this week.

When I look at this image I feel and think about the following things:

-The memories we had on this beach - which was truly deserted!

-The weather

-The peace

-The calm

-The unspoilt beauty of nature

-The time I spent with my family

-Gratitude for all those who gave their lives for us in World War II – this beach is very near the D-Day landings beaches, which we also visited)

-Appreciation for a brilliant holiday

Printing this picture has given me all these feelings and thoughts all week – something I wouldn’t have tapped into if I’d not done this.

Challenge – find a picture of a happy place you have been to, print it and look at it often – see what it does for you and how it makes you feel and think.

Have a great weekend ahead.


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